When a person cries and everything else stops for a moment, it is called an apotropaic (pronounced “oh-poo-tah-SEE”) sound. But is it just another form of cry?

When a parent cries, you hear them sobbing loudly and it seems like the other person is doing the same.

This is an example of an apotropic (pronocated like “oh” or “poo”) sound, meaning the sound is caused by a difference in the frequency of a sound wave that occurs at different points in time.

The difference in frequency means that different frequencies are emitted by the different parts of the body.

In humans, the part that is emitting the sound at the time of the crying is called the “supraorbital,” while the part emitting the sounds at other times is called “posterior.”

It’s this difference in frequencies that makes an apoptric sound.

When a child cries, they are using their vocal chords to make sound waves that pass through the throat, into the nose and the eyes, and then back out again.

The sounds produced by the crying are called an “apotropaic” sound.

A person’s cry is an apophysis, meaning that their vocal cords are emitting sound waves in a specific frequency range.

Apotropaic sounds are produced when the sound waves from the child’s vocal chords travel through the nasal cavity.

When this happens, the sound passes through the vocal chords and passes out through the windpipe.

When the sound reaches the lungs, it travels through the lung tissue, which causes the breath to sound.

This breath sound is called a “pharyngeal” sound, and it is the sound that comes out of the person’s mouth.

When you cry, you are using the sound of the vocal cords to make a sound in the lungs.

This sound is not just a sound made by the vocal organs, but also the breath sounds.

The lungs are the largest organs in the body, so they have a lot of air and water in them.

If you have a cold, your lungs are very active, and when you are coughing, the air is compressed, and the air flows out through your lungs and into the airways.

When people have a cough, the pressure in their lungs can be very high.

The sound of a coughing person’s lungs is called binaural (pronouns like “baw-ah-uh-ree”) sound; it is an irregular sound made when you breathe into your lungs.

Binaural sounds are usually the result of a person having a very hard time breathing.

The amount of pressure in the air can also be very low, meaning it can sound a lot like a child’s laughing.

When your body and lungs are producing sound waves, they cause the air in your mouth to expand, creating the binaurys.

When sound waves are produced, they travel through a range of air molecules called the echolocation, which creates the sounds.

This process can be seen in movies.

When someone cries, their body emits sound waves through their vocal system, which travels through a series of different molecules that make up the air.

Each molecule is a wave with a particular frequency.

When that particular wave is heard by an observer, the observer hears it in a different frequency range, which is called its echologic range.

A sound wave traveling through a different echolic range creates a different sound than when it travels in the same range.

For example, when you hear a person cry, they might be producing a lower-pitched, softer sound, which may sound like a cough.

This means the person is producing the sound in a range that is different from the range of sounds they’re making when they’re talking to you.

You may also hear a binaurally heard sound when a person is breathing.

You hear this when a sound waves travels through their lungs, where it makes the person gasp, or the sound travels through some part of their throat, and this causes them to make some sound sounds.

These sounds, called “binaural” sounds, are what cause people to cry.

Apotypic sounds are not just about the difference in sounds.

In fact, when we hear a baby cry, we’re using sound waves to make the baby’s mouth move.

So the way the baby is moving can also make the sound it makes when it’s crying.

For instance, when a baby is crying, it may be made by its ears moving, which are called phonemes.

If your baby is not wearing a helmet, your baby may not have a helmet on.

This can cause you to hear the baby cry in a certain frequency range when you’re talking.

Apophysis sounds are also produced when a parent is crying.

When their baby cries, the baby might be making sounds in the ear canal, the middle ear, or through the nose. These

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