I am a goat and I want to go to the zoo

A goat named Iggy has taken to the internet to voice his frustration with the way the US and UK treat the animal kingdom.

The goat has taken the time to respond to tweets that suggest the US is “a zoo for apes” and that “cats and dogs are not the same as animals”.

His response is one of the most eloquent we have seen on social media in a while, and is sure to be a welcome response to the plight of wild animals.

I am a goat and I am an animal who is being treated like a thing, and that is not okay.

– Iggy the goat source Next Great Future title This is not the future but a continuation of the past article This is an important time for us to think about the future of the world and the future we are creating.

– This is a continuation – Iggy the goat article The goat has made the leap from the internet world to reality by posting to social media, and he is the latest animal to take on the US government and the US Congress in his quest to get an animal sanctuary.

He has taken on the government by tweeting “I am an American goat.

I want an animal shelter”.

His tweets are one of a number of animal rights groups, including The Humane Society of the United States, that have also been vocal in calling for a sanctuary for the animals they care for, but the goat is taking a different tack.

“The message I have for the US politicians is that animals are not property,” he told the ABC.

“They are a part of the ecosystem and I don’t want them to have any impact on that ecosystem.”

I am not an animal but I am part of it.””

I don’t care about a zoo for animals.

I don ‘t care about an animal farm.

“Instead, I want a sanctuary.

I do not want them messing with this amazing ecosystem.

I need to be part of this.”

The goat’s tweets are another example of the growing sentiment that the US treats wild animals like property.

He also said he wants a sanctuary so he can be with his family.

The US has had a number on its hands since the deaths of Cecil the lion and the African grey parrot, and a new report from the nonprofit group Save the Elephants has called on Congress to take action on animal welfare.

The group said that the death of Cecil and the grey parrots is the most recent tragedy to hit the US, with the loss of Cecil being the second to hit this year.

The organisation also said that US President Donald Trump has failed to tackle animal cruelty and he needs to do more to tackle the plight.

Mr Trump has been vocal about his support for the animal industry, but he has not yet made a commitment to create a sanctuary to help protect the animals.

“It is important that President Trump does more to protect the lives of wild and exotic animals,” the group said in a statement.

“We call on him to act now and ensure that the animals he is supporting and supporting have the resources to survive, thrive and thrive.”

Mr Trump’s administration has been criticised for its handling of the deaths.

A spokesperson for the White House said it was in “close contact” with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and said they were working to ensure the animals were protected.

“These animals were killed by careless, unprovoked attack by the United Kingdom,” the spokesperson said in an email.

“Fires are out and the UK is working closely with the United states on the necessary steps to protect these animals from further damage.”

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