‘A good idea, a great idea’: NFL’s NFL Network makes ‘good idea, great idea’ sounds, dolphins sound

The NFL Network’s NFL Draft Show takes listeners inside the NFL Draft and breaks down how it went down and how the players made it.

In the first episode of the show, the network’s Matt Miller breaks down his first draft with an NFL team.

It is also the first time he will ever be in front of the draft room and has to be the only guy in there.

Miller talks about how he got drafted, what he saw in the scouting report, how he thought about what he was going to be doing and how he handled himself after he was drafted.

Miller also talks about the draft process, what it’s like to sit in front the draft board, the draft itself and the player he had the most fun watching.

Miller is excited to finally see how much the players are invested in him after he is drafted.

After the first round, the show goes over how the draft went down.

Miller goes over the top players that the draft ended up with, including some of the best players that were not drafted.

The first pick of the second round was another big surprise, but Miller was excited to see what happened with him.

Miller went on to have a great day and was very impressed with the rest of the players that he got to watch on the draft.

He also talks a little bit about the restructure of the NFL draft, which has seen teams cut some players to help their rosters.

Miller says he didn’t have much of an issue with the changes, but he thinks it would have been better if the teams were more transparent.

Miller talks about some of his favorite draft picks, including running back Adrian Peterson, receiver Sammy Watkins, wide receiver Marques Colston and cornerback Quincy Wilson.

He also discusses his favorite rookies, which he thinks were the best.

The NFL Draft shows is an informative look at the NFL Scouting Combine, as well as the NFL Combine itself, which is where many players get their first look at NFL teams.

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