Why we should get excited about the first-ever video game with augmented reality in theaters

Politico has an exclusive look at a new video game that’s about to hit theaters: The VR-capable AR game from The Sims creator EA called AR Games.

The title is part of a series of three VR games to hit stores in October.

You play as Sims, who uses virtual reality to play with other Sims, and you can move your body around the virtual world to create and explore new spaces, like an underwater aquarium or a giant catwalk.

It’s a unique experience for VR games that are all based on interactive experiences like Minecraft, but the first two are about exploring real-world spaces.

The Sims AR games also use AR, but in a way that’s different from Minecraft.

The sims in the games are virtual, but you can also interact with them in real time.

The Sims AR Games will come with a controller that can be used to move your sims around the game.

EA’s game developer Todd Howard is also a producer on the AR games, and he’s shown me a trailer for the VR version of the game at the EA offices in Seattle.

It’s a pretty neat experience, and it looks like it will be something people will want to try out.

There’s also an AR-enabled version of another upcoming VR game from EA called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed VR.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed will be coming to VR later this year, and I got to see the demo in person for the first time when EA announced it at Gamescom.

If you haven’t played the first AR game yet, it’s called Star Trek: The Last Mission.

That game has a lot of VR elements, and its multiplayer mode lets you play as a different captain in a space station, the Millennium Falcon.

At Gamescom, Howard explained that the Star Trek VR game will also be part of the AR lineup.

The VR games are coming from EA’s studio in Irvine, California, and Howard said the team is making sure the experience is right for VR.

He said the VR experience will have different experiences in VR than what you’re used to.

It won’t be the same experience, but it will have all the same kinds of elements you’re accustomed to, including voice-chat and other interactive elements, like flying and interacting with objects.

The VR games will be released in VR and AR formats.

Howard said that the VR games look great in VR, and they look fantastic in the AR format.

He said that he hopes to have the AR titles available by the end of 2019, and EA is still working on those games.

He also said that when he and EA team members talk about how much fun they want to have in VR in the future, they tend to include all sorts of ideas.

That includes things like VR headsets and other virtual reality accessories that are compatible with VR.

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