How to watch Sunday’s AFC wild-card game without the Wolf sounds

It was a wild game, but one that should give Eagles fans an opportunity to experience some of the Wolf sound effects that were used during the game.

Here’s what you need to know about the sound.1.

The Wolf sound wasn’t the only element of the game that featured Wolf sound.

The Eagles used a mix of pre-recorded and pre-postgame sound effects.

Here are a few of them.2.

The Eagles used pre-game sound for a few key parts of the contest.

Here they are at halftime, when the Eagles were trailing:3.

The play clock was running at 3:30 when the play clock started, which meant the play was dead, so the Eagles didn’t have time to react.

Instead, they used pregame sound to cue the defense and their receivers.4.

The sound of the ball was playing on the speakers, but the Eagles weren’t sure if they had the right signal.

That’s why they added a little horn.5.

The noise level was a bit low, so it was a good opportunity to see how the Eagles would react to the game-changing play of the final seconds.6.

After the play, the Eagles lined up in a 2-deep formation and used preplay sound to call for a pass rush.

When the defense came out, they were given a lot of options to make plays on the field.7.

The preplay was a fun way to add some excitement to a game.

For the first time since the Eagles began playing football, fans could hear the noise from the stadium, and they enjoyed it.8.

The Philadelphia Eagles are known for their great defense.

During the game, the team did some great things to make sure that it didn’t get caught out.9.

During the Eagles’ final drive, the offense put up two touchdowns on a fake field goal.

One was called back because the kick was illegal, and the other was called because the defense did not line up correctly.

The play was called for a safety, but in reality, the defense had no idea what was going on and the kick would have been illegal.10.

The offensive players did a good job of getting the defense to focus on the pass, but that was also an opportunity for the defense’s receivers to get the ball out.

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