What’s going on in porn?

By Jennifer DePintoA new study of porn shows that some men prefer the sounds of a penis.

The study, published in the journal Sexual Medicine, looked at how many people prefer the male voice to the female voice when watching videos of men or women having sex.

Researchers asked 1,600 men and women to rate how sexually appealing the male and female voices sounded and to rate their enjoyment of the videos.

Men were more likely to rate the male voices as more arousing than the female voices, and men who preferred the male vocalization were more inclined to be sexually aroused.

The researchers say this could be because the female’s voice is usually louder and more forceful than the male’s.

When researchers compared how many men prefer a man’s voice to a woman’s voice, the male participants preferred the female-sounding voice more than the other way around.

Men also preferred the voice to sound more forceful and powerful than the woman’s.

The male participants also preferred to hear the female vocalizations more often than the man’s.

These results suggest that, in some ways, men prefer to hear their female partners’ voices.

The research is consistent with previous research showing that men have higher arousal ratings when listening to female voices.

But the researchers say that this doesn’t necessarily mean that men prefer female voices over male voices.

They say there are a lot of other ways in which people prefer to listen to their partners’ voice.

For example, men are more likely than women to be aroused by music, so hearing a female voice could lead men to be more aroused.

Similarly, men might prefer to see the voice of their partner as less threatening than the voice they are hearing.

For men, a more masculine voice might be more threatening.

This could be based on a masculine stereotype about the male body, and masculinity is associated with aggression.

Men might also be attracted to the male-sounding voices.

This is based on the fact that the male sounds are more masculine than the women’s voices.

Men who preferred hearing their partner’s voice were also more likely also to like the female participants’ voices as well.

The findings also suggest that women’s vocalizations might be heard more often in pornography, while men might like to hear a woman voice.

These findings could have implications for pornography makers, which can use their female performers to create more sexually arousing and appealing pornography, according to the study.

In the future, the researchers are planning to conduct further research into how porn viewers prefer to be heard.

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