‘I am an animal’: Florida man calls 911 after being trapped in cage

On the morning of Jan. 31, a man named Ryan, who goes by the name Mr. R, was trapped in a cage inside a Florida house he was renting in Miami.

The incident was caught on surveillance video, but it has been viewed more than 15 million times on Facebook.

It was only after Ryan called 911 and made the call that the owner finally agreed to let him out.

“We had to put a leash on him,” he told Fox News.

The cage door was locked and there was no way for him to get out. “

R said he was “in no condition” to leave the house, so he was put into the cage.

The cage door was locked and there was no way for him to get out.

Ryan said he didn’t want his dog, Lizzie, who has been with him since the beginning, to be trapped inside the cage when he was alone.

But he knew Lizzies instincts and would not let her out.

He said he did not feel safe in the cage, even after the owner came to the door to say that they would not be letting him out until Lizzys health could be checked.

Lizzia was a mix of gray, white and black and was 6 weeks old.

When Ryan went outside to check on her, he said the owner told him she was “not a good mother” and that she would “f***ing kill” Lizzi if he let her go out.

Lizzy was rescued, and the couple returned to the house the next day.

L.J. Johnson, who lives across the street from the house where Ryan was being held, told FoxNews.com that Ryan is not the first dog to have a cage in their house.

Laxley, who is 5 months old, has had one since she was a puppy.

She was given a leash by her owner, but the dog became angry and began barking at her, Johnson said.

When Laxlee went outside and got closer to Lizzy, Laxie began to bark and get closer to her.

“Lizzie is Lizzee, she loves Lizzlee. “

She just wants to please her owner,” he said.

“Lizzie is Lizzee, she loves Lizzlee.

She’s the sweetest dog.”

Lizziya’s owner, a neighbor, was arrested on charges of cruelty to animals, as well as battery and battery of a child.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone who had a pet and was abusing that pet,” Johnson said, adding that he thinks the incident could have been prevented if Lizzyah had been a good child.

Lizyah’s owner is due in court on Friday.

“They need to make sure that their pet’s safety is taken care of,” Johnson added.

“And LizzY is LIZZY, she is the sweet little dog.

She deserves a good home.”

Johnson said he has no doubt Lizziyah is a good dog.

“Her personality is amazing,” he added.

The owners attorney, Jeff Tilton, told the Miami Herald that he is “not surprised” that Lizziah is still in the home.

“There’s no doubt that Lizzy is a wonderful pet,” he stated.

“The best thing about Lizz has been that LIZ is very affectionate and she’s a really nice dog.

But she has some issues, and I think she’s not always as well behaved as Lizz,” he continued.

“But she’s always happy to play with Lizz, and she loves the attention.”

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